The California Indian Environmental Alliance (CIEA) was created in 2006 by California Tribal representatives and advocates to address mining contaminants, including mercury, left over from the California Gold Rush.  Our core program work is the Mining Toxins and Tribal Health Program.


Legacy mining toxins are a critical widespread environmental health threat.  Mercury contamination affects all fish- consuming communities in the state. California tribal members are at an increased risk because fish are an important traditional subsistence food and are fundamental to spiritual, ceremonial, and cultural identity of the People.


Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children experience an even greater health risk because mercury and other mining toxins negatively affect the developing fetus and children through fish consumption.  These toxins, and the burden to avoid eating this traditional food further threatens each tribe’s cultural and physical survival.


CIEA believes the only acceptable solution is the cleanup of these legacy mine sites and the water contaminated by them.  Healthy air, land and water leads to healthy fish and traditional materials, and to healthy generations.

If you would like more information about CIEA and our programs call or email us. CIEA staff welcomes your suggestions and feedback. We look forward to working with you and your community!